Q. What is the duration of my video?


Your recap will be the length of the song you choose for it. The long form edit will be approximately 45 minutes in length.

Q. How do i receive my video?

We will call you as soon as your video is completed. Your video will be delivered based on the medium you have chosen with your package. We have the option to deliver on either blu-ray or standard DVD.

Q. Can I make copies of my wedding DVD?

Yes, you can make as many copies as you like for personal use or for family and friends.

Q. How do you handle sound?

We capture the vows using a subtle wireless microphone that’s attached to the groom’s lapel. Whenever possible, we plug in to your venue or DJ's sound system to get optimal sound.

Q. Do you shoot in HD?

All our video's are shot in HD. It is important to remember that although we shoot all our video in high definition, if you choose DVD as your final medium your final product will be in standard definition. We offer blu-ray as well which is high definition.

Q. Do you offer RAW footage

We offer RAW footage at a cost based on the amount of footage. Please reach out for specific pricing on this.

Q. I Booked Studio 1 for video, what's next?

Anytime between the day you book and your wedding, please fill out the video form on our website in the forms section. This form is important as it will outline your options for what we will shoot and how much we will shoot.